4Minute 포미닛 - I My Me Mine Guitar cover

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포미닛 4minute

포미닛 4minute

4Minute 포미닛 - I My Me Mine Guitar cover

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Writer Sirius J : 대학원생… Date21-01-12 00:00 Hit3 Comment0


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연주곡을 제외한 악보는 만들거나 참고하지 않습니다.
I don't make and see musical note, tab score except instrumental music.

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Squier J5 John 5 Signature (guitar)
Zoom G5 2014.ver (effect)
Isaw Touch (It is Actioncam and can be used as PC cam.)
Cubase LE 10.5 (Recording Audio \u0026 sequencing)
Xsplit (Recording Video \u0026 Streaming)
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 (Video Editor)
Audient EVO 4 (audio interface)
Maxtill MC300 (MIC)

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