[KPOP IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE PERU] 9MUSES(나인뮤지스) _ Dolls(돌스) DANCE COVER by A CROWN #5thAnniversary

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나인뮤지스 9muses

나인뮤지스 9muses


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Hiiiiiii ♡ Today is a special day for us, it's our 5th anniversary as a group ♡.
We've been together since early 2014 but officially debuted on August 30, 2014. Since then it's been a long ride, with ups and lows, going through many experiences, travels, events and now this channel which is our new baby ♡. This is where we are facing new challenges, meeting great people like you guys and learning to be a better group. We really want to be better and make this group our biggest achievement because we really loooove to do this and we are doing it with a sincere heart ♡ We hope you stay with us in the future... And to celebrate, we covered this AMAZING song! Dolls by our forever Queens Nine Muses ♡♡
By now you must know that they are our real muses and this is a special ocassion that we wanted to share with them too haha.
See you next week guys, and we love you so much!! We will continue pushing ourselves to the limit and be better ♡


Thanks for watching and for supporting us as well! We love your comments and take notes of everything ♡ Enjoy!!


Thanks for watching and thanks for the support! We love the comments and take notes of everything ♡ Enjoy!!

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HYEMI - @claurz_1215
KYUNGRI - @alexabad5
RYU SERA - @chizitolover
EUNJI - @fabianausky
SUNGA - @mardiaxh
LEE SEM - @patts01
ERIN - @nicolev0
HYUNA - @yani.gm_95
MINHA - @angomezreategui


Filmed by @chizitolover
Edited by @chizitolover


Music: Nine Muses - Dolls

*No Copyright Infringement, we do not own the music or soundtrack of this video rights for the owners. Star Empire and Nine Muses.

A Crown Perú is a dance group from Perú. We love to dance and we love Kpop.

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