「Vietsub / Kara」 HUSH(허쉬) - miss A(미쓰에이)

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미쓰에이 missA

미쓰에이 missA

「Vietsub / Kara」 HUSH(허쉬) - miss A(미쓰에이)

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「Vietsub / Kara」 HUSH(허쉬) - miss A(미쓰에이)

#Hush #missA #미쓰에이 #허쉬

Offcial MV: https://youtu.be/dp0F18FFCTE


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Translator: Centaur
Timer/Kara: Centaur
Typeset: Centaur
Encoder: Centaur
Special thanks to Effectors.

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