Secret Garden (시크릿 가든) - KDrama Review

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시크릿 Secret

시크릿 Secret

Secret Garden (시크릿 가든) - KDrama Review

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작성자 The KDrama Cafe 작성일19-10-07 00:00 조회10회 댓글0건


Let's Get Dramatized! Spoiler Free Review! 한국어 자막! This week Candace and Susan are reviewing Secret Garden!

In Secret Garden, Kim Joo Won played by Hyun Bin is a rich, handsome CEO who is prideful, arrogant and rarely ever challenged. Things in his life are turned upside down when he meets ultra cool stunt woman Gil Ra Im played by Ha Ji Won. Will he be able to win her over, or will his pride get in the way? Will she be able to overcome her prejudices? Things take a fantastical twist and Freaky Friday antics ensue as their two worlds collide.

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