SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어) – 'Sorry Sorry' - (쏘리 쏘리) - KPOP REACTION - 2020

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슈퍼주니어 Super Junior

슈퍼주니어 Super Junior

SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어) – 'Sorry Sorry' - (쏘리 쏘리) - KPOP REACTION - 2020

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WOW! This was 2009? Why I didn’t see this before?

Oh! Now I remember! At that time I was a fervent KAMILIA, and didn’t allow myself to watch any other groups but KARA for many years (I was fascinated by them) Anyway, I guess there is a message for all the crazy fans that get fixated with only one group, at the end you will regret it as I do now…

Anyway, these guys are AMAZING! Taking in consideration that this was 2009 (Let’s forget about the hairstyles for a second… we are coming back to that later) This is HUGE for the 2000s, even their choreography (That seems simple now, compared to groups like EXO, BTS, etc.) for the time this was an amazingly complex and perfectly choreographed dance.

Everything stands out: Again the diversity in the group, people for different ages, sizes and personalities, makes it unique and easy to identify as a group. (Also those hairstyles)

The second thing to highlight is the level of vocals and great dances, and the song is CATCHY as hell!

Man! You know, there is one good thing about being late to the party… It’s like having Netflix, now I can bind watch all of their stuff, without needing to wait years for each comeback! Ha!

I love these dudes!

Don’t forget to check out the original MV!
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